My name is Flavio Santana and I work with digital products since 2009. The main reason to do what I do is that I believe we can change the world through design as we make it a better place to live.

Working with design in 2009, I started designing websites in Photoshop. In 2011, I started studying in college in the Graphic Design course where I was able to deepen my knowledge in the area. I went through small advertising agencies, companies until I opened my design office with a developer friend. We stayed 2 years acting as entrepreneurs until the moment I returned to the market wherein 2016 I entered GOL Airlines.

As the first designer hired by the company, I helped to build several products until leading some fronts. I contributed with the hiring of designers to assemble a creative core to meet the internal demands of the company and work focused on digital accessibility. In 2017 I decided to go back to college to study Information Architecture and User Experience.

I currently work at Volkswagen Digital Solutions in Lisbon, Portugal, and I teach design at one of Brazil's leading private universities, PUC, in the Interaction Design and UX courses. I'm taking an MBA in Strategic Management at UX Design, I work as a mentor at and I'm listed on the Brazilians Who Design website with several well-known designers in the Brazilian market.

In my design process, I always believe that collaboration with everyone involved is the basics for it to work in the best possible way. Within my skills, my strong point is Interaction Design, Information Architecture, Interface Design, Accessibility, and Product Design processes. I'm developing User Research and Leadership of People and Products so that I can better understand the processes of other professionals and collaborate so that the result is the best possible.



• Human-Centered Design Process
• Information Architecture
• Wireframes & Prototypes
• Web Performance
• Web Optimization
• Web Accessibility 
• User Interface Design
• Icon Design, Graphic Design
• Usability Tests
• Design Thinking


• Adobe Creative Suite
• Sketch, Figma
• Invision, Marvel
• Front-end development (HTML & CSS)
• Flinto, Principle
• Affinity Photo & Designer
• Zeplin, Simply


• GOL Airlines (Airline Company)
• Guaraná (Software House)
• Matera (Finance Services)
• BV bank (Bank)
• Saint-Gobain (Flat Glasses)
• Renault (France, Vehicles)
• LG (Brazil, Electronics)
• SESC São Paulo (Leisure)
• OnPlate (Food Services)